Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Long Island, Suffolk County

Cedar Shake Roof homes are arguably the most beautiful homes available anywhere. They are warm and inviting and as close to nature as you can get. We’re here to help you keep it that way! Call us for your industrial roof cleaning also.
Don’t let your home’s appearance suffer for one more day! Proper care must be taken to extend the life span of your investment. We have a complete range of fast & affordable exterior cleaning services to restore your roof’s true beauty! Once the bark is remove from the tree, the wood has no way of protecting itself. The damaging effects of weather to unprotected wood can begin immediately.
The effects of rain, snow, dew and sun……

These natural occurrences are quickly absorbed into unprotected wood causing it to soften and swell. The sun’s heat causes drying, which makes the wood shrink. These cycles of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking, cause wood to warp, split, cup and crack – all of which lead to shortened wood life and expensive repairs and replacement. Having your roof cleaned and sealed/stained can double the life of your home.

Maintenance is required to extend the life and restore the beauty of your Cedar Shake Roof.

Cedar Shake Treatment & Protection

Our Cedar Siding Restoration Process Includes These Important Steps:
  • We provide an on site estimate and evaluation explaining all the work to be done.
  • We start by removing the old sealer/stain with a stripping solution. Our process is environmentally safe and will not harm your wood, pets, plants or grass.
  • Next, we wash your home with a power washer using low pressure to avoid damaging your siding.
  • Your home is then treated with a neutralizing agent that will brighten the wood and prepare it for our sealer/stain.
  • Your wood siding must then dry (several days, depending on the weather) to a moisture content of 12% or less.
  • We will thoroughly inspect all caulking around windows, doors and other entry points and re-caulk where needed.
  • If your home has chinking, we will thoroughly inspect all chinking to find areas of deterioration or failure and re-chink where needed.
  • We then seal/stain your cedar siding with a penetrating oil based sealer/stain that will never crack or peel. The sealer/stain protects your wood from the sun’s harmful UV rays, resists algae and mildew, and repels water.