April 2016

Precautions against algae discoloration of roofs

Algae discoloration of all types of roofing systems is widespread in the Gulf States and along the Northwest and Eastern Seaboards and many other regions of the United States of America that have warm and humid conditions, says the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). According to ARMA, algae discoloration, mostly by an algae species called Gloeocapsa Magma, is easily detectable on light-colored roofs, while it is not so visible on darker shades of roofing. The discoloration has a brown to black appearance and may be mistaken for fungus growth, soot, dirt, moss, or tree droppings. This is precisely where homeowners need to be extra vigilant to understand what’s harming their roofing systems. What worsens the situation is the fact that these algae discolorations are difficult to remove from roofing surfaces. What can be done? Algae discolorations may be lightened with the application of liquid household chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and water, says ARMA. “Directions for mixing solutions of these ingredients may vary among shingle manufacturers and depend on the amount of discoloration. Other cleaning chemicals or methods should not be used without approval of the shingle manufacturer,” adds ARMA, which represents North American companies and suppliers in residential and commercial roof systems.





Who can do this?

Don’t do this yourself, homeowners! This is a job that can be accomplished only by professionals. Keep yourself and your residential property out of harm’s way by not getting into a cleaning adventure all by yourself. A professional soft/power washing company like Absolute Clean Inc can restore the strength of your roofing system without causing any harm to your surroundings. We are not just armed with the chemical solutions required for the clean-up, but also know how to conduct the operation with absolute safeguards. For the record, a company that is into both soft and power washing knows what’s the best solution for the cleaning of your premises. We at Absolute Clean Inc have been doing this for years now and we can give you proof of our mettle if you do need some reassurance before you engage us.

How long will the cleanliness last?

The effectiveness of a cleaning technique is only temporary, as discoloration is likely to recur.

Is there any other solution?

Several types of algae resistant roofing products are now available in the market. These products are designed to inhibit algae growth. Caution High pressure washing systems are likely to damage asphalt roofing. So, engage a professional soft washing company that has the necessary certifications to carry out the job. If you still have some questions regarding algae discoloration of roofs, get in touch with Absolute Clean Inc. We are ready to attend to your roofing problems.