May 2016

The 7 Steps Of Asphalt Roof Maintenance

Is your dark, leaky, streaky, algae-stained roof making your home look like a haunted mansion? You can make it look all-new and majestic yet again by paying a little attention to care and maintenance of your Asphalt Shingles. Asphalt Shingles are a common residential roofing material today, but they require regular inspection, maintenance and repair. Now would you want to shell out huge sums of money on repairs and Shingle replacement just because of your continued neglect? Of course not! So, the next time you are faced with a roofing problem, think of us. East End Long Island/Riverhead-based Absolute Clean Inc’s safe and effective no-pressure soft wash roof cleaning process can restore the grandeur of your home’s roof at just a fraction of the cost of replacement.





Here’s what Absolute Clean Inc does when it comes to Shingle roofing maintenance:
1. We conduct an on-site inspection for an estimate of the works that need to be carried out.

2. We clear debris, moss and algae from your roof as dry leaves, twigs and debris soak up water (ideal for algae growth) and can damage your Shingles. Your roof is supposed to be dry, and any collection of water because of settlement of debris would only cause problems to the roof. We apply an environment-friendly solution to the infected areas of your roof to kill the algae and moss. Once cleaned, the roof will stay streak-free for 5 years. After the cleaning solution has done its job, we gently rinse off the dead algae and moss from your roof with fresh water using our low pressure system (soft wash).

3. We take a look at the flashings to see if they have corroded or are damaged to the extent that they need repair or replacement.

4. Loose or damaged Shingles can lead to weakening of roof and leakage, and over a period of time, extreme weather conditions and accumulation of branches, twigs and and other debris can multiply your roofing problems. We’ll see if damaged Shingles need repair or replacement.

5. We’ll check caulking/sealants around the roof and replace them if required, in order to avoid the problem of water seepage.

6. We’ll check your gutters and pipes for debris and blockage. We will also trim or cut overhanging tree branches to minimize debris collection on the roof.

7. Finally, we’ll check whether your insulation levels are sufficient. Absolute Clean Inc’s roof cleaning method has been approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), which should give you the confidence to trust us with your roof cleaning. Get your roof inspected this fall. Don’t ever neglect your roof again. Timely maintenance can add more years to the lifespan of your asphalt roof.