May 2016

Useful Advice From The Bible of House Washing

Just the way your body needs daily care and maintenance, your home requires your full attention at all times. For, every season brings with it a host of wear and tear issues that are easily manageable for diligent homeowners, but they threaten to blow up into extensive damages and losses to property and personal income in the absence of timely intervention.
Your home could age prematurely and lose all its curb appeal if you have been neglecting its upkeep every summer, winter and spring. With dirt, grime, mold, mildew and algae settling on the roof and sidings, your dream home will either come off piece by piece as time goes by or it will cost you thousands of dollars for repairs on structural substrates. You can avoid this precarious situation by engaging East End Long Island/Riverhead-based professional soft/power washing company Absolute Clean Inc for a soft wash of your home that will remove dirt, streaks and stains from your roof and sidings.
Absolute Clean Inc’s safe and effective house soft washing methods clear the buildup of bacteria, fungus and dirt from a variety of home exterior siding types and surfaces. None of the primitive cleaning methods feature in our way of doing a thorough clean-up. What’s more, our soft washing process causes no harm to your roof, siding, landscaping or pets.

Absolute Clean Inc’s soft house washing is perfectly designed for:

a)Cedar Shake/asphalt roofs

b) Wood restoration
Seasonal changes cause variations in moisture buildup, supplementing the colonization behavior of microorganisms which can weaken the structural substrates of your home, particularly wood. In addition to this, ultraviolet rays of the Sun and the general wear and tear, taking place with passage of time, can pound the protecting features of a deck or fence, making it vulnerable to collapse. Our wood care restoration and preservation services can give a new shine to your deck or fence by neutralizing the harmful elements. Besides, we carry out wood staining and sealing to give your deck or fence a longer lifespan. Other than decks and fences, we have cleaning and sealing services for outdoor wooden furniture, arbors & pergolas, gazebos and much more. We have been certified by the PWNA (Power Washers of North America).

c) Concrete cleaning
Concrete and cement surfaces can crack open because of precipitation, freezing temperatures and road salt. To stop it from cracking open, we will power-wash your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, porch, or pool deck with our safe high pressure surface cleaning unit to remove contaminants. We will then apply our penetrating sealer for concrete protection.

d)Vinyl/Stucco cleaning
We use a cleaning solution to clear the algae and fungus buildup on your siding. Then, we give the siding a light rinse. If applied carelessly, pressure can cause water to get behind vinyl siding, causing mold to grow and wood to rot. We make sure no damage is done during the process.

e) Gutter cleaning and maintenance
Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary for the gutters of your property. If maintained well, they can protect your building foundations and landscaping from the damage a rainfall or flooding can cause.